Article about story of former child soldier

   This article is about a former child soldier who, once escaped from captivity, traveled to Washington, D.C., where she then asked the United States’ government to end the war in Uganda and to persuade Sudan’s government to stop supporting the LRA. It gives an idea of what it was like to be a child soldier, including what happened to some of the other kids, and what her specific role was in the LRA. After reading this article, you really get an idea of the horrible things that child soldiers are forced to do, such as having to kill a relative or neighbor as the initiation.


Welcome to my Blog! – Introduction

   Hi, welcome to my blog! I am a grade eight student who will be studying about child soldiers and the effect it has on them. I will be posting various things about child soldiers. I have learned a lot of interesting facts, some of which I will share with you here.

   Did you know:

– An estimated 10 to 30 percent of child soldiers are girls, mainly used as “wives” for the male combatants

– More than 6,000 children are being used as soldiers in the Central African Republic right now

– Child soldiers have been used in combat since as early as the 1940’s

– Finally, over 300,000 children are being involved in around 30 armed conflicts worldwide

   My opinion on the use of child soldiers is that it is horrible, and it pretty much robs the children of their childhoods, forcing them to commit horrible atrocities that they will never forget.

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